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Born in 1949 June, in Thatta village of Pathanamthitta District. Father: Pandalam P.R. Madhavan Pillai. Mother: N. Sarojini Amma. Education: Thatta L.P. School, Sooranad Government H.S., University College Thiuvananthapuram. Won the P.G. degree in History from Govt. College, Bhopal. Other works: Viplavathinte Noothana Vazhitharakal, Viplavam Yugantharangaliloode. Entered active politics while studying for pre-degree course at Devaswom Board College, Sasthamcotta. First as a C.P.M. sypathiser. Later on, became an activist of the CPI (ML). Worked in its student wing too. Participated actively in the Cheloor Lake struggle at Sasthamcotta in 1968. Very often subjected to severe tortures for his political views and actions. That too, in consort with starvation. Arrested for having set fire to the ballot box in the college election at D.B. College, Sasthamcotta in 1969 while studying there. Imprisonment in Pathanamthitta Sub-Jail for a long period. Put to severe police torture again on the alleged involvement in Nagaroor Kummil incident in 1970. Went underground during the Emergency period. Won the P.G. degree during this period itself. Acted in three T.V. serials.

Author Address: Sooranad Balachandran, Adikkattu, Sooranadu P.O., Kollam Dist., Kerala State, Pin: 690 522
Phone: 0476-2852900, Moboile: 9847852972
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Pothujeevitathile Viplavakkanalukal

Joining hands with progressive revolutionary movements with a view to creating the ideas of the RED FLAG throughout the length and breadth of India, Sooranad Balachandran in his book “Pothujeevitathile Viplavakkanalukal” Portrays his tireless struggles to accelerate the resurrection of the Indian working class who have been surprised, marginalized and exploited for centuries by the rich and privileged. Besides being a political biography by an ardent revolutionist, it is the story of an eventful era in the history of the socio-political and cultural struggles of the state of Kerala.

Viplavam Yugantarangaliloode

A book on political theorization envisioned on the background of the socio-political and cultural revolution of the proletariat of the people’s republic of China led by chairman maozedong during the 1966-76 period and the years of the declaration of emergency in India. It could be read with a pinch of enthusiastic response only.

Viplavathinte Noothana Vazhitharakal

In an age in which counterfeit coins among those who lead the proletariat globally are being identified and exposed, an era in which those who shed crocodile tears in the name of the mass of Indian peasants and coolies who have been marginalized and exploited for may centralizes by the feudal landlords and the pseudo communists steeped in corruption and graft, an ardent revolutionary like Sooranad Balachandran, which a view to serving as a ray of hope and encouragement to the Indian proletariat to guard themselves against all kinds of injustice and exploitation and to rise in revolt against their oppressors, presents an series of articles in the book written since the year 1968.

The New Avenue of Revolution

In this age when the proletariat are exploited and looted by the so called communist leaders, who continue to deceive them by several underhand methods, this book is anthology of the writings published by Sooranad Balachandran since 1968 who earnestly believe and uphold that hese will provide esternal inspiration for a movement for the ultimate liberation of the destitute millions.


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Author Address:

Sooranad Balachandran, Adikkattu
Sooranadu P.O., Kollam Dist.
Kerala State, Pin: 690 522.
Phone: 0476-2852900, Mobile: 9847852972.

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